Rebranding Port Alberni

Rebranding Port Alberni

The City of Port Alberni Economic Development office has launched a new branding initiative to support our community’s efforts to attract investment, business opportunities and new residents.

The Survey is now closed - thank you for your participation!

Over the years our community has utilized a number of tag lines focused on different sectors or aspects of our culture and lifestyle.  While these have all been positive messages we need to solidify a brand for economic development purposes that stands out amongst all other communities.

The online survey has been developed to gather public input and ideas regarding our community's opportunities and challenges.  The data will be summarized by a third party and considered by a local committee formed by the Economic Development office. Recommendations will then be presented to City Council with the results being utilized in marketing campaigns to attract new residents and businesses.

Re-Branding FAQ's

What is the City of Port Alberni’s ‘rebranding’ initiative?
Many people have a poor image of Port Alberni or are unaware of our community.  This affects our ability to attract new residents and new businesses.  The rebranding work is being done for economic development purposes to position our community in a positive way to our target market. 
Who is the target market?
Our target market is young people and young families 25 to 45 years of age who are entrepreneurial-minded, family oriented, adventurous, enjoy an active lifestyle, desire an opportunity to contribute to growth, well-educated and skilled professionals or tradespeople.
Who is doing this work?
The City of Port Alberni’s Economic Development office is doing the work with a small team of individuals representing a wide range of backgrounds and professions who all share a passion for Port Alberni and the character traits of our target audience.  
What is involved?
The team has been doing Internet research on branding and having conference calls with a few people who have been involved in branding and rebranding work as a consultant or a client.  The community was also asked for their input on Port Alberni's opportunities and challenges.
What happens with and to the survey data?
The data will be summarized by a third party and that summary will then be sent to the team doing the work.  The individual responses to the survey will then be deleted by the third party.  The team will analyze the summary, make some recommendations for implementation and present those to City Council.   The results will be used in marketing campaigns to attract new residents and businesses.
How will we know what comes of this?
The community will be advised when the report is being presented to Council. 
For more information, please contact
Melissa Tardif
Business Licensing/Development Services Clerk

City Hall, 4850 Argyle Street
Port Alberni BC V9Y 1V8