Sanitary, Drain and Water Service Connections

Sanitary, Drain and Water Service Connections

The City of Port Alberni is responsible for the installation and maintenance of sewer, drain, and water service connections from our mains to property line.  Property owners are responsible for the cost of installing the connections across City property, although the City does the work.  Property owners are entirely responsible for the connections once they cross onto their own property. 

Your service connections

The Engineering Department keeps detailed information about city service connections to individual properties, where it is available.

  • To report a problem with existing connections: Please contact the Public Works Clerk.
  • To obtain a new sewer, water or drain connection: Please contact the GIS Technician. 


Recertification of existing connections must be done prior to new construction if they were installed more than twenty-five years ago.  All city services must be decommissioned by the City prior to demolition to ensure the integrity of the mains is maintained.   Select Decommissioning or Recertifying Existing Connections for more information.

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