The City of Port Alberni is committed to creating a sustainable community that promotes environmental, social and economic prosperity. This focus is driven by the belief that our quality of life and that of future residents is directly linked to the health and well-being of our community and our environment.


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Making our community more sustainable isn’t just about ‘going green’, it’s also about making Port Alberni more livable, safe and resilient. 

In short, sustainability means both to improve the quality of life today and to pass on a world that is as good as, if not better than, we found it for future generations. However, because each community is different and unique, there is no standard template for becoming sustainable. This means your commitment, creativity and leadership is an integral part of achieving a sustainable future for Port Alberni.

As a municipality, sustainability pertains to both our corporate operations and the community as a whole. We recognize that cooperation with all citizens and groups is critical if we are to meet the challenges that lie ahead and achieve our goals.

We invite you to join us and the many businesses, organizations and individuals who are taking actions everyday to make Port Alberni stronger, healthier and more sustainable.

Key Initiatives:

The City of Port Alberni is leading and partnering in a number of sustainability initiatives for both the community and our corporate operations. To simplify things we have loosely grouped these programs and projects into three categories: environmental, social and economic. Please click on the links below to learn more about the good work happening in each area.


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Economic stability is a key component of community sustainability. A local economy provides employment and resources that make a community more prosperous and livable. Our community has been through significant economic changes over our 100 year history. These changes have highlighted the need for a strong, stable and resilient economy that encompasses a diversity of business sectors and employment opportunities.  The items below are some of the City of Port Alberni’s key economic initiatives.


Leaves in Port Alberni forest
The Alberni Valley is endowed with incredible natural beauty and diversity. The city itself is nestled amongst the vast temperate coastal rainforests and the numerous lakes and waterways that flow into the Alberni Inlet and Pacific Ocean. These immense natural resources support a rich biodiversity that holds great value amongst residents and visitors alike.
“The citizenry of the Alberni Valley is committed to becoming the pinnacle of sustainable communities, protecting its air quality, natural waterways, and recreational areas. Natural resources are seen as a community asset and the responsibility of all, to be managed in a sustainable manner”.  (From the vision for the Alberni Valley created by the community led Outlook 2020 process)


Community with a Heart Gathering
Known widely as the ‘community with a heart’, Port Alberni residents highly value our connection with the community around us and our caring nature for those in need. This social fabric is the heart and soul of our coastal community and is what continues to draw people to our area. These factors are directly related to our community’s overall sustainability by making sure our residents basics needs are met and that we have the ability to address issues we may face.
The Alberni Valley is a safe community. People of all ages and cultures interact together. The Alberni Valley is a caring community. Our greatest asset is the ‘social capital’ created by many volunteers and organizations. Everyone supports each other in meeting human needs. This includes ensuring access to good nutrition, housing choices and employment. The Alberni Valley is a healthy community. We have state of the art medical and social facilities. Residents are active and take part in all aspects of community life. By creating a safe, caring, healthy community, every citizen is able to make a meaningful contribution to community well-being. (From the Vision for the Alberni Valley, Outlook 2020)


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