Heritage Registry

Heritage Registry

The Alberni Valley Community Heritage Register (CHR) is an official list of historic places, specific to the community, that have been identified as having heritage value or heritage character.  Among other things, a CHR enables the local government and community to understand and identify the significance of its historic places, to monitor heritage properties for proposed changes, and to integrate heritage conservation activities into other local government land use planning processes. 

Carmoor Heritage Building

The Community Heritage Register : ensures the inclusion of a community’s historic places on the British Columbia Register of Historic Places (BCRHP), the official provincial listing of historic places formally recognized for their heritage value by the provincial or local governments.  Listings on the BCRHP may also be included on the Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP), a register of registers that is becoming the most important Internet-based heritage tool for planners, policymakers, developers, industry, community organizations, teachers and students across Canada. 

This Community Heritage Register follows the documentation standards established for the British Columbia Register of Historic Places.  Each record for each historic place listed includes detailed information regarding location, formal recognition and protection, historic and current functions, as well as a Statement of Significance.  The Statement of Significance outlines what comprises the historic place in a brief description, why in a list of character-defining elements.  The following register of historic places a historic place possesses heritage value, and how those values are manifested in the Alberni Valley meets the requirements of section 954 of the Local Government Act, providing the local government with an up-to-date and effective tool to guide their planning and development of the City’s heritage resources.

Community Heritage Register Nomination Form (.pdf format)