Connect the Quays Pathway Project

Connect the Quays Pathway Project

The City is committed to enhancing the quality of life of residents and taxpayers by creating a vibrant waterfront community. To support this vision, the City is exploring options to connect Victoria Quay on the Somass River in north Port Alberni to Harbour Quay on the Alberni Harbour in south Port Alberni with a multi-use pathway.

Through the City's 2023-2027 Corporate Strategic Plan, Council has identified five strategic priorities, one of which is to foster a community that is safe, healthy and inclusive. To support this, the City is developing  “Connect the Quays,” a project which aims to link Victoria Quay and Harbour Quay with a multi-modal pathway.

If constructed, this project will:

  • create nodes where the community can recognize and celebrate local Indigenous culture and history;
  • offer looping connections to existing and planned City trail systems;
  • connect citizens and neighbourhoods;
  • encourage recreational activity and non-motorized commuting; and
  • highlight the City’s waterfront and its many uses, past and present.

The public engagement process for the Project, which consisted of a survey, pop-up booths and open houses, was completed in November 2021. To view the results and additional project background and information, please visit



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