The Zoning Bylaw helps to implement the broader vision set out in the Official Community Plan, the Uptown and Waterfront Plan and the Waterfront North Plan.   All properties in Port Alberni have a legal classification (Zone) that specifies the uses or activities that can take place on that property as well as other regulations including building size, siting on the property and parking requirements.  The current Zoning Bylaw was adopted by Council on March 10, 2014. 

View the TABLE OF AMENDMENTS for bylaw updates.

 ZONING MAP (Schedule A)

PORT ALBERNI ZONING BYLAW 2014, Bylaw No. 4832 (By Sections)

Table of Contents, User Guide and Administration (Sections 1-3)
Definitions (Section 4)
Establishment of Zones (Section 5)

Rural and Residential zones
FD - Future Development
A1 - Agriculture
RR1 - Rural Residential
RR2 - Semi Rural Residential
R1 - Single Family Residential
R2 - One and Two Family Residential
R3 - Small Lot Single Family Residential
RM1 - Low Density Multiple Family Residential
RM3 - High Density Multiple Family Residential
MH1 - Mobile and Modular Homes
Commercial zones
C1 - Neighbourhood Commercial
C2 - General Commercial
C3 - Service Commercial
C4 - Highway Commercial
C5 - Transitional Office
C6 - Gaming Centre
C7 - Core Business
C8 - Commercial Recreation
C9 - Commercial Guest House
W1 - Waterfront Commercial
Industrial zones
M1 - Light Industry
M2 - Medium Industry
M3 - Heavy Industry
M4 - Utilities
W2 - Waterfront Industrial
Institutional zone
P1 - Institutional
Park zones
P2 - Parks and Recreation
Comprehensive Development Zones
CD 1 - Comprehensive Development - Uplands Phase 2 - Burde Street

General Regulations (Section 6)
Parking and Loading (Section 7)
Comprehensive Development Zones (Section 8)
Permitted Uses by Zone (Schedule B)

Read more about the The Zoning Bylaw Amendment Process 

Application Forms for amendments to land use bylaws including Zoning Bylaw Amendment
Fees And Charges for land use applications including Zoning Bylaw Amendment

 Zoning Bylaw  (full text - Warning this is a large document that may take several minutes to open. Includes amendments to October 2021)

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