Building Standards and Property Maintenance

Building Standards and Property Maintenance

The Strategic Plan, guiding City Council in their decisions, contains an objective (4.1) to "ensure a positive image of the City" and more specifically the initiative (4.1.1) "to update bylaws to better address derelict and nuisance properties that are being poorly maintained".   

Nuisance Properties:

The Property Maintenance Bylaw adopted on May 11, 2009 addresses concerns unrelated to the buildings on a property.

Vacant or Nuisance Buildings:

The Building Standards Bylaw was adopted on January 13, 2014 setting a new standard for building maintenance in the City of Port Alberni and introducing a new approach to regulating vacant buildings.  

The main components of the Building Standards Bylaw: 

  1. All buildings are to be maintained to standards as set out in the bylaw.
  2. Vacant buildings need to be maintained to standards as set out in the bylaw.
  3. Vacant buildings are required to obtain a Vacant Building Registration Permit.   
  4. An application for a permit is available and a  fee is charged for this permit.
Note that Vacant buildings must have a special safety inspection and are subject to monthly monitoring inspections.  The City has the ability to issue tickets for non-compliance. 
For more information, please contact
Bylaw Services Department

Public Safety Building, 3075 3rd Ave,

 Port Alberni BC V9Y 2A4