Council Meetings - Overview

Council Meetings - Overview

Local government provides the most open and accessible form of government.  The City of Port Alberni Council is proud to be available to the community, accepting diverse views and opinions of our services.  Your Mayor and Council are members of your community and are available to discuss civic business. 

Watch a Meeting

  • Attend the meetings in person in the City Hall Council Chambers at 4850 Argyle Street; or
  • Watch the proceedings on SHAW Cable Channel 4.  SHAW broadcasts live all of Councils regular meetings. 
  • Watch the proceedings on the City of Port Alberni's YouTube channel.  

Meeting Schedule, Agenda's and Minutes

  • A Regular Meeting schedule for the upcoming year is established at an organizational meeting of Council on the first Monday in December each year.
  • Meetings are generally held at 2:00 pm on the second and fourth Monday of the month in the City Hall Council Chambers at 4850 Argyle Street, unless posted otherwise. 
  • Changes to the regular meeting schedule and any special meetings of Council will be posted on the City's public notice posting place
  • Click here for information regarding Delegations or submitting correspondence for Council's consideration. 
  • The deadline for inclusion of an item on the agenda is 12:00 pm on the Wednesday before the regular meeting.
  • Copies of the agenda are available as of the Friday before the regular meeting.
  • The complete agenda includes copies of all correspondence, reports and background information to be considered by Council.  If you would like copies of any particular item, please contact the City Clerk.
  • A summary of the actions taken at regular Council meetings is prepared the day following each regular meeting - Council Summary.  To receive a regular copy of the Council Summary by email, please contact the City Clerk.
  • Minutes of the Regular meetings are generally posted within a week of the meeting date.


Council meetings follow procedures to ensure an orderly process, to allow for input by all Council members present and to enable accurate records of decisions made.  These procedures are regulated by the Council Procedure Bylaw.

"In Camera" Meetings

"In Camera" is a term that refers to a meeting that is closed to the public.  Council will meet behind closed doors for specific matters as authorized by the Community Charter.  In Camera meetings are generally conducted on the same day as regular Council meetings.  Council will not publicly discuss matters considered at their In Camera meetings.

Communicating with Council

Do you want to share your opinion or ideas with Council?  City Council is accessible to the public and opportunities are provided to participate in regular Council meetings. By writing your concerns and ideas to Council, or by speaking at a Council meeting, you will be assured that you will be given proper consideration and a response. 

Please remember that no single Councillor can commit the City to a particular action.  Direction for the City's affairs must come from the majority vote of Council at a formally constituted meeting.