Volunteering with Port Alberni Community Policing

Volunteering with Port Alberni Community Policing

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Become one of the more than 6000 volunteers contributing to the safety and security of their communities. The RCMP and City in Port Alberni values your commitment of time, knowledge, and talent – all working toward our shared goal of a Safe and Secure Canada.

There are a number of crime prevention programs currently in operation in Port Alberni. Local volunteers from all walks of life with a wide variety of skills donate their time to the promotion of a safer community for all community members. residents.

Below the programs are detailed, however additional information and application forms are available at the Community Policing website. 



CRIME WATCH PATROL Citizens on Patrol

The Crime Watch Patrol (COPS) is a group of Community Policing volunteers donating their time to conduct patrols within the community, acting as extra eyes and ears for the police.  Crime Watch patrols all areas of the city and reports suspicious activity they observe to the detachment for further action.  Reports can range from an insecure premise to the location of a missing person, making their contribution of exceptional value to the detachment and the community as a whole.  The volunteers also assist with the delivery of crime prevention tips to homes and neighbourhoods where a crime has occurred, as a method of both warning of the threat and encouraging them to take steps to protect their property. Crime Watch video: Crime Watch



Speed Watch VolunteersThe Speed Watch/Distracted Driving Program in Port Alberni is run in conjunction with ICBC which promotes awareness of the dangers of speeding and distracted driving. Community Policing Volunteers attend areas that have been identified as common speeding zones and set up radar boards that detect the speed of passing motorists. The vehicles that are determined to be traveling significantly above the posted speed limit are recorded and letters of caution are sent to the registered owners advising them of the incident and the fine for the infraction.  Volunteers also attend intersections looking for drivers using electronic devices.  Letters of warning are also sent to registered owners advising of the infraction.  Speed Watch video: Speed Watch   Distracted Driving video: Distracted Driving

Property Crime Awareness Letters

Volunteers notify residents on streets where property crimes have been reported with residential safety information. Click on the link to learn more: Property Crime Awareness

Project 529 Bike Registration

Volunteers set up registration stations in partnership with local bike shops and community events to register identifying features of owners bikes using the free Project 529 Garage application. Click here Project 529

Auto Crime Prevention

Volunteers patrol through parking lots looking for stolen vehicles and for vehicles that are unsecured or have visible valuables in place prime for theft. They complete a service brochure as a means to inform the owner of the vehicle to be more aware of being a potential victim of theft.

Community Events

Volunteers may be called upon to provide support at community events on behalf of the City and RCMP.  Duties could include: staffing an information booth, bike or scooter safety events, parades, bike registration, distributing crime prevention informational brochures to the public.



For more information, please contact
Dave Cusson
Manager of Community Policing

Public Safety Building

3075 3rd ave, Port Alberni, B.C.