Complex Building & Plumbing Permits (Part 3 Buildings)

Complex Building & Plumbing Permits (Part 3 Buildings)

Do you need a Complex Building/Plumbing Permit? 

“Complex Building” means a Building used for a major occupancy classified as:  assembly occupancy, care or detention occupancy, or high hazard industrial occupancy; and, a Building exceeding 600 square meters in Building area or exceeding three storeys in Building height and used for a major occupancy classified as:  residential occupancy, business and personal services occupancy, mercantile occupancy, or medium and low hazard industrial occupancy.



Complex Building & Plumbing Permit Application Package 

Submission Guidelines for Complex Building & Plumbing Permits 


Building Permit Process

Step One: Prepare Application 

  • Familiarize yourself with the City's Building Bylaw No. 4577, Zoning Bylaw No. 4832, and Subdivision and Development Bylaw No. 4130 to ensure that your building proposal is feasible. 
  • Prepare the Application Package Forms and required supporting documents outlined in the Application Checklist, including the drawings and/or plans of the proposed development.  If you have any questions about Building Permit application requirements, contact Development Services to confirm details.

Step Two: Submit Application 

  • Submit your Building Permit application to Development Services via email or in-person at City Hall. Only complete applications will be accepted. 

Step Three: Application Review & Circulation 

  • Once the application is accepted, staff will review it against legislation and bylaws. 
  • Applications may be circulated for comment to internal departments and relevant external agencies, including but not limited to Engineering, Fire and Emergency Services, Parks, RCMP, Building Official, and Utilities. 
  • The applicant will be contacted in the event that any issues with their proposal are identified or any additional information is required. 

Step Four: Permit Issuance 

  • If the applications meets all relevant regulations and bylaws, the permit can be issued.
  • Applicants are required to pay the Building Permit Fee as well as any development cost charges, service upgrades, securities for works and services prior to a Building Permit being granted. Permit fees can be paid online or in-person downstairs at City Hall (cash, debit, or cheque). 
  • Once a Building permit is issued, applicants are required to post the Building Permit and keep a set of approved plans on site. 
  • Construction must begin within 6 months of permit issuance and are valid for two years. 

Step Five: Inspections 

  • Inspections are required throughout the building process. When your Building permit is issued, a list of required inspections will also be provided. 
  • After each step is complete, an inspection by the Building Official will be required. Inspections can be booked by Contacting the Building Official at least 3 days prior to the inspection. 

Step Six: Final Occupancy 

  • A final occupancy permit is required. After the building process is complete, a final inspection can be booked. The occupancy permit will be issued upon the Building Inspector's final inspection approval. 
  • A final Engineering inspection will also be required to confirm that the driveway and on site grading are in compliance with the regulations and have been completed. Once this inspection has been completed, all deposits (if any) will be refunded. 



Building Bylaw 2018, No. 5077 Fee Schedule 

Contaminated Sites Regulation: Schedule 2

Site Disclosure Statement 

Port Alberni Work Site Fire Safety Plan 

BC Building Code 

BC Energy Step Code Requirements 

Land Title Survey Authority 


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