Business Retention Survey

Business Retention Strategy

The City of Port Alberni through the office of the Economic Development Manager, embarked on an aggressive campaign to visit and solicit key information from local licensed businesses in order to identify specific local challenges and opportunities for possible growth.  The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce was contracted, by the city, to carry out interviews between January and July of 2013.  Twenty-four percent (24%) of licensed businesses in the City were interviewed. 

Immediate Goals:

  • Demonstrate the City's interest in the Business Community
  • Demonstrate a commitment to address immediate concerns within our mandate

Longer Term Goals:

  • Determine effective strategies to complement the current business community
  • Strengthen Port Alberni as a "Place to do Business"
  • Work with the Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures to improve the business environment

"Top Ten to Tackle" 

The 'Top Ten to Tackle' list identifies clear priorities as identified by the local business community through the survey.  We will focus on these priorities by engaging with our community agencies and resources.

  1. Attitudes: Potentially the most significant obstacle to growth, attitudes within the community topped the list of barriers
  2. Beautification: Dedication to beautification from the entrance of the community and throughout is high on the list.  Look good, feel good, be proud.
  3. Business Succession: Many business owners are nearing the end of their working careers yet have no exit strategy.
  4. Business Training: Electronic Media and Customer Service to compete with competitors and attract/retain customers.
  5. Employee Attraction: Many professional services have identified a recruitment problem and this issue is expected to continue.
  6. Quay Improvements: Parking, retail/event offerings, aesthetics, consistent hours of merchant operations and signage to get there.
  7. Marketing and Promotion of our Community: Tell the world how great Port Alberni is - Improve Port Alberni's Brand
  8. North Port / South Port: All areas of community to be considered equally
  9. Second Highway: A second highway is viewed as ideal to help all aspects of the economy
  10. Taxation / Tax Incentives: Monitor and use them to support business

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