Stream Improvement Projects

Stream Improvement Projects

Port Alberni is best known as the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’ and was also recently declared WFN’s Ultimate Fishing Town for 2010. Here in Port Alberni the marine environment isn’t just a pretty view, it’s an integral source of income, recreation, tourism and food.

We recognize that urban development and growth over the last century has put a strain on local marine species and habitat within certain streams and waterways. Because of this, the City of Port Alberni, together with many local groups and individuals frequently partner in urban stream enhancement and restoration projects that benefit both and fish and humans alike.

Recent projects have included work on Dry Creek, Kitsuksis Creek and Roger Creek. The goal is often to restore lost salmon spawning capacity on the streams, which historically have produced species such as coho, chum, pink, and even chinook salmon.


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