Building Inspections

Building Inspections

In order for your Building Permit to proceed to the final stage (issuance of an Occupancy Permit) a series of inspections will be required.  For most standard applications the city Building Inspector will conduct the Inspections.  

Requesting an Inspection

The owner or his or her representative must give at least 3 days notice to the City when requesting an inspection. Inspections can be requested at 

When Inspections are Required

The following details the stages when inspections must be performed:

  • When the forms for footings and/or foundations are complete, including any reinforcing steel, but prior to placing any concrete therein. Prior to approval of the foundation, a licenced British Columbia Land Surveyor’s certificate may be required by the Building Official if deemed necessary to determine the location on the site;
  • After installation of foundation drains, damp proofing and drain rock, but prior to back-filling against the foundation. Approvals for installation of perimeter drain are subject to completion of back-filling within 24 hours of the inspection; 
  • When any pipes in a plumbing system or when plumbing appurtenances are installed in a location where they could be covered at a later stage of construction; 
  • When framing, sheathing, Building paper, flashing, weatherproofing of openings and window installation is complete, but before installation of any siding, wire mesh or stucco
  • When framing and siding of the Building are complete, including fire-stopping, bracing of chimneys, duct work, wiring and roofing, but before any insulation or interior finish is applied; 
  • Before a building drain, sanitary or storm sewer is covered. When considered necessary, underground building drains, branches, storm drains, and sewers shall be retested after the completion of all back-filling and grading by heavy equipment; 
  • When the insulation and vapour barrier have been completed, but before any interior finish is applied which could conceal the insulation; 
  • When the smoke chamber of a fireplace or the chimney breaching assembly is complete, but before continuation of the assembly above this point; 
  • On completion of the installation of solid fuel burning appliances, furnaces or boiler installations in accordance with the Building Code, but prior to it being placed in service; 
  • When the Building or portion thereof is complete and ready for occupancy, but prior to any occupancy thereof; and 
  • Any additional inspections as required by the Building Official

Moving forward and concealing work

Before concealing any work that requires an inspection the owner or his or her representative must obtain an inspection and receive a Building Official’s acceptance in writing.  The Building Official may require an applicant to uncover any part of a construction which was covered before it was inspected and approved. 

A report from the Building Official will be left on the construction site following each inspection, giving approval of work done or listing corrections which require re-inspection and approval.


The requirements of the Building Bylaw do not apply to any aspect of the work that is the subject of a Registered Professional’s Letter of Assurance provided in accordance with the bylaw. 

When a Complex Application is filed the city Building Inspector will defer to a Registered Professional who provides Letters of Assurance.  The City will rely solely on field reviews undertaken by the Registered Professional, and the Letters of Assurance submitted, that the construction substantially conforms to the design and that the construction substantially complies with the Building Code, the Building Bylaw and other applicable enactments respecting safety. Note however that:

  • A Building Official may attend the site from time to time during the course of construction to ascertain that the field reviews are taking place and to monitor the field reviews undertaken by the Registered Professionals. 
  • A Building Official may attend at the site of the construction of standard Buildings or Structures to ascertain whether the health and safety aspects of the work are being carried out in substantial conformance with the those portions of the Building Code, the Building Bylaw and any other applicable enactment concerning safety. 
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