Fees and Charges - Fire Department

Fees and Charges - Fire Department

Fire Protection Fees & Charges

Service or Commodity Amount of Fee
Work done to effect compliance with an order to maintain hydrant area in default of owner. (s.17g) Actual cost
Fire Department standby – contact person not arriving within 30 minutes after alarm (s. 18(d)(ii)) Actual cost
Fire Safety Plan review (s.20(a)(iii)) $100.00
Vacant building – securing premises (s. 23(d)) Actual cost
Damaged building – securing premises (s. 24(a)) Actual cost
Nuisance investigation, response and abatement (s. 27(a)) Actual cost
Mitigation, clean-up, transport, disposal of dangerous goods (s. 27(b) Actual cost
False Alarm attendance – 4th alarm and subsequent alarms (s. 28(a)) $200.00
Work done to effect compliance with an order in default of owner (s. 29(f)) Actual cost
Re-inspection or follow up to an order (s. 31(a)) $100.00
Inspection Fee - solid fuel burning devices ( i.e. wood stove, pellet stove) $100.00 
Inspection of Storage Tanks: For each litre of liquid capacity 1/2 cent per litre with a minimum of $20.00 for any one permit
Testing of Private Fire Hose - Pass or Fail $15.00 per length

Miscellaneous Administrative Services:

Letters from Fire Prevention Office regarding status of outstanding Fire Commissioners Orders and Inspection Reports with Deficiencies.

Information from Fire Department or Engineering Department hydrant testing records regarding water pressures and flows. $35.00

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Fines and Tickets

NOTE: All offenses subject to fines of $200.00 per offense.

Offenses under Solid-Fuel Burning Appliance Emissions Bylaw No. 4802


Installation of uncertified device
Connected non-compliant device
Use of non-compliant fuel
Obstruction of inspector

Offenses under the Fire Control Bylaw No. 4876

Failure to maintain fire protection equipment 16a
Improper location of pumper connections 16b
Pumper connections and protective caps 16c
Obstruction to access 16d
Identifying signs 16e
Sprinkler system 16f
Sprinkler system during building demolition 16g
Smoke alarms 16h
Improper hydrant 17a
Unauthorized use of hydrant 17b
Tampering with hydrant 17c
Unauthorized removal of hydrant 17d
Hydrant on private property 17e
Hydrant maintenance 17h
Activation of fire alarm system 19a
Material on roof or balcony 21a
Obstruction on roof 21b
Obstruction of exit's 21c
Accumulation of combustible materials 22a
Depositing of ashes 22c
Depositing of substances likely to ignite 22d

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