Building - Responsibility of the Owner

Building - Responsibility of the Owner

  1. Determine that the Building site is safe and will not be affected by flooding water caused by surface run-off or otherwise, or by other hazards.
  2. If applicable, obtain elevation and construction requirements relative to Provincial Flood Plain Restrictions from the Ministry of Environment;
  3. In all cases where it is proposed to conduct the waste from plumbing fixtures, trade waste or surface or roof water to a private or public sewer:
  • make certain by inquiring from the Engineering Technologist that such private or public sewer is at a sufficient depth and of a capacity to receive such discharge;
  • ensure that the elevation of the system allows for sufficient drainage;
  1. Incorporate into the design and plans submitted for a permit, the climatic data as contained in the Building Code;
  2. Obtain from the City, or other authority having jurisdiction where applicable, all necessary permits relating to demolition, excavation, Building, repair of Buildings, relocation of Buildings, zoning, change in classification of occupancy, swimming pools, sewers, water, plumbing, signs, canopies, awnings, marquees, blasting, street occupancy, access, electrical installations, and all other permits required in connection with the proposed work prior to the commencement work.

During construction the owner or his or her representative must;

  1. Post and maintain the permit in a conspicuous place on the property in respect of which the permit was issued;
  2. Keep a copy of the accepted designs, plans and specifications on the property;
  3. Post the civic address on the property in a location visible from any adjoining streets;
  4. Permit the Building Official to enter the Building or premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of inspection;
  5. Ensure that no work is done on any part of the Building or Structure beyond any point outlined in the Building Bylaw Section 17.4 without first obtaining the written approval of the Building Inspector;
  6. Where tests of any materials are required by the Building Inspector to ensure conformity with the requirements of the Bylaw, or any enactment, transmit to the Building Inspector records of the test results.
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