Community Investment Program

Community Investment Program

The Community Investment Program (CIP) provides assistance to not-for-profit organizations to enhance their ability to provide programs, services or activities that benefit the citizens of Port Alberni.  The registered mandate of organizations applying for assistance must fall under one of the following sectors: community services, multicultural, or recreation/amateur sport. Established in 2011, the the CIP replaces the former Grants in Aid Program.

How do I Apply for the 2024 Grant Cycle?

The 2024 grant cycle is now open. If your organization received a grant for the 2023 cycle, you must complete the 2023 Final Report prior to submitting your 2024 application.

To apply for the 2024 intake, complete and submit the 2024 Application Form. Please note, the application must be completed in one sitting; you are unable to save a partially-completed form for submission at a later time.

2023 Final Report link:

2024 Application Form link: 

What is the 2024 Application Deadline?

The deadline for applications is Friday, November 3, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. 

How is the CIP Funded?

Council’s Five-Year Financial Plan establishes the amount to be funded annually through this Program by way of In-Kind Services and Community Development Grants.  In-Kind Services includes:  staff time; waiving of fees (Sewer, water, garbage, sweeper, etc.); rental fees; use of equipment (tents, barricades, etc.); land use (road closures); bus and recreation passes.  Community Development Grants are cash grants.

Who Determines How the Funding is Awarded?

The Community Investment Program Committee appointed by Council annually will review applications and make recommendations to Council. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

The Applicant must:

  • Be eligible to become a registered not-for-profit organization.
  • Provide direct on-going programs and services that improve quality of life for residents of the City of Port Alberni.
  • Merit public funding by addressing the Community Investment Program Priorities and Guidelines.
  • Not duplicate the activities of other Applicants or other government supported organizations.
  • Have open memberships except for valid program factors (e.g. age)
  • Use the grant to meet the Applicant’s mandate as outlined in its constitutional documents.
  • Partnerships and the ability to leverage additional funds will be taken into account.
  • Not use the grant for capital purposes, including but not restricted to, the purchase of land, equipment, fixtures or physical facilities.
  • Not use the grant, directly or indirectly, to further a profit venture.
  • Submit application and required documents by the deadline.

Applications of a valley-wide/regional nature will be referred to the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District for its consideration.

Only applications from local organizations demonstrating to the satisfaction, that the benefits to be derived from the grant will accrue primarily to the local community and its citizens will be considered, i.e. the funds will not be sent outside the municipality of part of a provincial, national or international effort.

Successful applicants must indicate on all promotional materials associated with the program/project “Funding support provided by the City of Port Alberni.”

Awards will be based in part, on how well the organization meets the following Program Priorities and Guidelines. 

What Factors Does the Community Investment Program Committee Consider?

Organizations contributing to making Port Alberni a vibrant, connected, engaged and welcoming community by providing residents with opportunities to connect, interact and become integrated through social, recreational and cultural programs and activities by:

  • Actively seeking to connect residents and build community by providing opportunities for interaction and integration, including promoting volunteer participation and citizen involvement;
  • Meeting the needs of residents by making their programs and activities more accessible and affordable and by providing and/or adapting programs and services to address barriers to participation.  Barriers to participation may include: gender, ethnicity, culture, faith, age, literacy, language, abilities, and income;
  • Using new approaches and techniques to address community needs;
  • Contributing to the celebration of life in Port Alberni;
  • Promoting healthy living through sport, recreation, leisure and social opportunities;
  • Celebrating community pride and the multi-faceted heritage and culture of Port Alberni’s diverse community through city wide festivals;
  • Contributing to making Port Alberni a caring, safe, healthy, sustainable, inclusive and affordable community where all people, including vulnerable populations, have opportunities to achieve their aspirations and feel a sense of belonging;
  • Benefiting the community through enriching the diversity of opportunities for residents and addressing identified community needs, trends and issues;
  • Benefiting individuals through providing participants and volunteers with opportunities to develop themselves, and by providing them with opportunities to acquire or enhance their skills and abilities;
  • Contributing to social sustainability by practicing fiscal responsibility and good management, including strategic planning, innovative capacity building strategies, and developing community leaders.
What is the Timeline for the Overall Process?

Please click on the link for the timeline: 2023-2024 Proposed Timeline

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