Moving a Building or Structure

Moving a Building or Structure

A Permit for Extraordinary Traffic, must be obtained prior to moving a building or structure. The permit will be issued once the following conditions have been satisfied:

  • A completed application has been received and approved by the applicable departments;
  • The building or structure meets the requirements of the Building Code and any enactments OR the applicant provides plans and specifications to the satisfaction of the Building Inspector which detail  all upgrading that will be necessary to meet requirements after it is moved;
  • It can be shown that the residential building, once relocated, will have an assessed value not less than 1.25 times the average assessed values of all residential buildings situated within 50 metres of the site where it is to be moved;
  • A certified cheque or other financial security in the amount of $2000.00, payable to the City, has been received by the City to ensure that the building will be completely re-erected on the new site within 12 months.  
  • If the building or structure is to be relocated outside the City the property must be left in a neat, clean and safe condition after the removal.

Download an Application for a Extraordinary Traffic Permit.

See Fees and Charges for Miscellaneous Work Permits (under Public Works)


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