Home and Property

Home and Property

Property use impacts living conditions for residents, businesses, and visitors to the City of Port Alberni. Like many residents, your experience of the City may start with your home and property and expand to the environment surrounding it.  From taxes and utilities to permits and licences, the City strives to ensure:

  • Your home and community are safe
  • Neighbourhoods are sustainable, livable, and accessible
  • A good quality of life is enjoyed by all Port Alberni residents
Property use and maintenance is about balancing rights and responsibilities. Learn about the rules, what you can do if you have concerns, and who can help.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Online Services and Property Information 
Dial Before You Dig / BC One Call 1-800-474-6886 before you dig!
Animal Control and Licensing Keeping Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Bees.  Wildlife concerns.
Building or Renovating Permits and Inspections, Construction, Demolition.                              
Burning Regulations Indoor and Outdoor burning, Wood stove installations.
Bylaw Enforcement Bylaw complaints and regulations.
Civic / Street addressing What you should know about your house number.
Curb Cuts / Driveway Crossings Arranging a curb cut.
Fees and Charges Find charges for a variety of city services.
Fences and Hedges See Building Information Sheets: Select "Fences and Hedges"
Fire Safety Protect your home! Be fire safe.
Organics, Recycling and Garbage  Sort'N Go - City's Curbside Waste Collection  
Home Business / Occupations Running a business from within your own home.
Home Owner Grant How to apply for the H.O.G.
Land Title  Obtaining a copy of your Land Title document.
Maps City location and service maps.
Market Gardening (Residential) Urban Agriculture in Port Alberni.
Property Maintenance Property and Building standards of maintenance.
Requirements for creating a suite in your home.
Services /Utilities Sewer, Water, Storm connections and information.
Sidewalks Snow removal from sidewalks
Subdivision Want to subdivide your lot?  What you should know.
Swimming Pools  Building a pool?  Check here first.
Taxes Tax department and payment information.
Trees and Boulevard Care Boulevard and Tree care on city and private lands.
Zoning and Permitted Uses Locate zoning information for Port Alberni.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

  1. Where can I find out about my property taxes?
  2. I want to know about my (water, sewer, storm drain) services?
  3. What should I know before I renovate my home or build on a vacant property?
  4. What is my Zoning?
  5. Can I subdivide my property?
  6. What do I do if I have a complaint about my neighbour's property?
  7. Can I have a Secondary Suite in my home?
  8. Can I keep chickens or bees on my property?
  9. Do I need a License for my pet?
  10. Do I need a permit for a swimming pool in my yard?
  11. When can I burn yard clippings outdoors?
  12. Can I sell produce from my garden?
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