Coal Creek Utility Replacement Project - Phase 3

Coal Creek Utility Replacement Project - Phase 3

To address aging infrastructure, improve water management and protect the environment from combined sewer overflows, the City of Port Alberni has been working to separate sewer and stormwater collection services as part of the Coal Creek Utility Replacement Project – Phase 3.

This third phase is a continuation of the multi-phase Coal Creek project which started in 2017. To date, the project has resulted in upgrades to 1100 meters of storm and sewer pipes and replacement of 370 meters of water pipe. Crews have also improved road conditions in affected areas.


The majority of restoration work associated with this phase of the project is now complete. Crews will continue to visit your area over the coming months to address deficiencies, assess newly installed water control measures and add topsoil to impacted areas in preparation for spring seeding. Street parking in your neighborhood has been reinstated and garbage collection services have now returned to normal.  

Our Commitment to You

We understand that construction can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience throughout this important infrastructure upgrade.

As your local government, we are committed to working with the public to reduce construction-related impacts and ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens. Furthermore, we are constantly looking to improve our outreach efforts to promote transparency, demonstrate accountability, and increase citizen engagement.

If you have comments regarding the communications and outreach for the Coal Creek Utility Replacement Project – Phase 3, please submit your thoughts to with the subject line “Coal Creek Communications.” The feedback provided will help us shape our future outreach program and learn how to better serve our customers. 


If you have questions about this project, associated restoration activities, or future work, please contact the Public Works Yard at 250-720-2840.

For more on what this project entailed, check out our fact sheet