Plumbing Permits

Plumbing Permits

The City of Port Alberni requires that you obtain a Plumbing Permit prior to any construction, extension, or repair of any plumbing system, or to make a connection to any sewer system. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Installation of a new fixtures, such as a sink or shower
  • Removing of a fixture or part of a plumbing system
  • Extension or installation of a sanitary sewer, storm sewer or water service
  • Installation or alteration of a fire sprinkler system or standpipe system
  • Installation or alteration of a footing drain or storm drain system
  • Installation of any back-flow prevention
  • Installation of a lawn irrigation system
A Plumbing Permit may not be required for minor modifications such as:
  • Replacing existing fixtures in same location
  • Repairing existing fixtures

Conditions to Note:

  • No person shall conceal any part of a plumbing system unless it has been inspected and approved by the Building Inspector;
  • Plumbing must be installed in accordance with the British Columbia Plumbing Code in effect.  

Note that  all buildings are required to have a water meter installed.  

Application Forms
See Application Forms - Building and Renovations and select the appropriate Building/Plumbing Permit Application.  
For information about Permit fees see Plumbing Permit Fees



For more information, please contact
Rob Gaudreault
Building and Plumbing Inspector

4850 Argyle Street
Port Alberni BC V9Y 1V8