Disc Golf / Dry Creek Park

Disc Golf / Dry Creek Park

Port Alberni, BC – Discs will soon be flying at Dry Creek Park disc golf course! 
The City of Port Alberni is partnering with the Alberni Valley Disc Golf Club to revitalize a portion of green space along Dry Creek to develop an 18-hole disc golf course, historically used as a combination of an off-leash dog area and a walking trail.  With the development of the green space and creating a disc golf course, the City and Alberni Valley Disc Golf are looking to breathe new life into the area. 

Before the disc golf course development, Dry Creek Park will be fully closed for the entire week to the public starting Monday, June 21, 2021 to allow City contractors to do essential hazard tree removal work in the park. The City asks residents to please respect the full closure for public safety purposes and thanks everyone in advance for their cooperation.

Prior to the removal of any trees, a registered biologist has assessed the hazard trees for nests and nesting birds to avoid any disturbance.

The City's Parks department is taking this joint opportunity to help strengthen and regenerate the area's ecosystem, which had been left unmaintained for years.  The department plans to remove hazardous trees, retain most, and convert them into 'wildlife trees,' used specifically by cavity-nesting birds, such as woodpeckers and owls.

With the planned development, the green space's ecosystem will see a significant boost in resilience and diversity.  The City also plans to remove invasive plant species, such as English ivy and Himalayan blackberry, that damage trees and out compete other plants.  Native plant species that act as food sources and shelter for birds and wildlife will replace these invasive plants.

"We're always happy to combine our goals for public spaces into win-win situations," says Willa Thorpe, Director of Parks, Recreation and Heritage.  "It's been great to work with such a passionate group of volunteers in a project that both increases the usability of the Dry Creek greenspace and also heals a damaged ecosystem."

The new disc golf course and green space development will complement Council's strategic mission to improve the quality of life for residents by providing a clean, safe and family-friendly park.

For more information:
Willa Thorpe,
Director of Parks, Recreation and Heritage