Order to Vacate Building at 2976 3rd Avenue

Order to Vacate Building at 2976 3rd Avenue

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Order to Vacate Building at 2976 3rd Avenue

Port Alberni, BC – On December 29, 2020 the Port Alberni Fire Department exercised authority under Fire Control Bylaw No. 4876 ordering that the building at 2976 3rd Avenue be vacated due to its unsafe condition.

The City’s Bylaw Services Department, RCMP and the Canadian Mental Health Association were on-site with the Fire Department and assisted with the coordination of providing alternate emergency shelter for those individuals who were currently occupying the building and being displaced as a result of this order. 

The Fire Chief did not take this action lightly.  The owner of the building had indicated an intention to house more than twelve people despite the fact that the building was under a Do Not Occupy order from the City’s Building Official. 

The order will remain in effect, until the City’s Building Official advises the Fire Chief that the building meets acceptable specifications within the BC Building Code, and there is no longer a danger to life or property.


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Mike Owens, Fire Chief
Port Alberni Fire Department