City Comments on Staff Conduct

City Comments on Staff Conduct

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Port Alberni, BC - A video recently posted on social media shows images of City personnel and RCMP members enforcing an order to close a building located at 2976 3rd Avenue on December 29, 2020. In the video a City Bylaw Services Officer is seen conversing with building owner Randy Brown. The Officer is heard using profane language.

“The behavior displayed on the video is not condoned by the City, does not meet the expectations we have for ourselves, and is not reflective of the great work that the Bylaw Services Department and other City personnel regularly do in sometimes difficult circumstances,” said Chief Administrative Officer Tim Pley. “The conversation captured on video between the Bylaw Services Officer and Mr. Brown demonstrated a familiarity between the two, which in my opinion contributed to the Officer straying away from professional demeanor. The Bylaw Services Officer was quick to apologize for his conduct, and I have accepted that apology.”

In expressing remorse for his actions the Bylaw Services Officer said, “I apologize to the City and to my co-workers for my use of inappropriate language while on duty. While communicating with Mr. Brown I used profanity which was inappropriate and does not reflect the professionalism that I strive to bring to my work every day. The manner in which I communicated during those moments did not reflect my compassion for our citizens for whom accessing safe housing is a daily challenge.”

“Port Alberni, like many communities is experiencing profound challenges addressing the issues of housing, mental health and addiction. ” said Mayor Sharie Minions. “City Council and I continue to work with partnering agencies such as BC Housing and Island Health to address these issues. Our goal is that safe, affordable and accessible housing is available to all of our citizens. I would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere thanks to those in our community who work each day serving our most vulnerable citizens.”


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