Terrawest Environmental Completes their 'End-of-Spill" Report

Terrawest Environmental Completes their 'End-of-Spill" Report

Port Alberni, BC – During the week of October 26, 2020, the City responded to the report of a release of oil from a rail tank car at McLean Mill National Historic Site.

Investigation into the cause of this incident indicated that the oil was released through a locked valve that was found to be in the ‘open’ position. Following the incident, the City took immediate action to mitigate environmental impacts and to ensure the health and safety of residents, including mobilizing several contractors and professional consultants.

Remediation work at the Site has been completed and primary contractor, Terrawest Environmental, has concluded their ‘End-of-Spill’ report which has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. This report is available for viewing on the City’s website at portalberni.ca or via the link below:

Terrawest Environmental 'End-of-Spill' Report

Tim Pley, CAO
City of Port Alberni

Willa Thorpe, Director of Parks, Recreation & Heritage
City of Port Alberni