Port Alberni Purchases Five Properties from Western Forest Products

Port Alberni Purchases Five Properties from Western Forest Products

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Port Alberni, BC – The City of Port Alberni and Western Forest Products have reached a negotiated agreement for the purchase of five properties including the lands upon which the Somass Division Sawmill is situated. As a result of this sale, the City will formally withdraw the expropriation process on the Somass Lands.

The land purchase includes:

The property on which Somass Division Sawmill is situated.

A property currently used as a parking lot for Somass Division Sawmill.

Two properties that include Harbour Road and the rail right of way extending from Argyle Street to the northern gate of Alberni Pacific Division Sawmill.

A linear portion of land to be subdivided from a larger parcel on which HemVal Kilns is situated. The portion of land will extend from Dunbar Street and include the bed and upland on both banks of Dry Creek.  

“Each of these properties represents significant strategic value both today, and as we move forward in this changing community,” said Mayor Sharie Minions. “We are grateful that Western worked with the City to achieve this agreement and pleased we were able to come to a negotiated purchase that recognizes the needs of both parties.”

“With the purchase of the smaller parcels, the City gains full ownership of Harbour Road and the rail corridor that provide access to waterfront properties. This will enable a strategic and well-planned redevelopment of these key areas,” continued Mayor Sharie Minions. “Ownership of the Dry Creek corridor provides the community with an attractive loop option for the Quay to Quay Path.”

“Acquiring the Somass Lands and adjacent parking lot has been a primary focus of City Council since shortly after being elected in 2018. Remediating and repurposing these lands in a way that recognizes the shifting nature of our vibrant community represents a fundamental shift for the City of Port Alberni. City Council is thrilled to be moving forward on the purchase of these properties which is key in actioning the City’s Corporate Strategic Plan,” concluded Mayor Minions.

The purchase price for the five properties is $5,326,375. Funds for the purchase will be drawn from the City’s Reserves, including the Community Forest Dividend Reserve.


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Tim Pley, Chief Administrative Officer

City of Port Alberni