City Adopts 2021-2025 Financial Plan

City Adopts 2021-2025 Financial Plan

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Port Alberni, BC – At the City Council meeting on April 12, 2021, Mayor and Council adopted the City of Port Alberni’s 2021-2025 Financial Plan.

The Financial Plan is created by blending public input and insights, with City staff support under the guidance and leadership of City Council. Working together, Council has led the development of a Financial Plan that enables implementation of strategic priorities as set out in the City’s 2019 – 2023 Corporate Strategic Plan while providing resources needed to continue provision of the existing services at the same levels as in 2020. 

“City Council has worked diligently to develop a Financial Plan that represents the best interests of our citizens and strives to enhance the quality of life for all residents in our community,” said Sharie Minions, Mayor of Port Alberni. “Through the budgeting process, Council gave thoughtful consideration to determining the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars and made purposeful decisions based on the community’s needs, meaningful impacts and sustainability. I want to congratulate Council for their great work on this Financial Plan, and also thank members of the community who provided valuable insight. This was truly a group effort,” concluded Mayor Minions.

COVID-19 has presented wide-spread challenges in many aspects of the work and life of many. Conducting a public process such as the development of a municipal financial plan is no exception. The pandemic undoubtedly influenced the City’s Five-Year Financial Plan, and Council has taken into consideration the impact that the pandemic has had on citizens.

“The City was fortunate to receive support from senior levels of government, the largest being the $3.5M COVID-19 Restart grant. This provided the fiscal flexibility in 2020 and 2021 to continue the delivery of services that the community requires throughout the pandemic. The result supported  modest taxation increases over the past two years without sacrificing services or significant increases to taxation,” said Andrew McGifford, Director of Finance.

“We are pleased to have adopted a balanced financial plan that is fiscally responsible, delivers quality services and programs, focuses on a robust and bright future, and propels our community forward,” said Mayor Minions.

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