Alberni Valley Gleaning Project

Alberni Valley Gleaning Project

Glean, harvest, collect, rescue, it what you will, the Alberni Valley Gleaning Project gathers thousands of pounds of local fruit each year that would otherwise go to waste.

The program functions by connecting tree owners who have unwanted or excess fruit with volunteer pickers who help themselves and, in turn, help those in need.  Fruit harvested by the volunteers is shared - 1/3 for the property owner if desired, 1/3 for the pickers, and 1/3 as a donation to charities and other organizations in need.  In 2014, the program collected and put to use over 10,000 pounds of fruit.  But the Alberni Valley Gleaning Project does more than just harvest and share fruit, it also helps to remove bear attractants and foster community resilience and social wellbeing.  

Homeowners and properties are respected and picks are arranged for suitable times.  A short orientation is provided by organizers and volunteers need only to commit as they are able.         

To join the picking teams or to offer your trees for harvesting, please connect via the contact details below: